Photo by Dr. Nikolaos Karfakis

SAAD ALI (b. 1980 in Okara, Pakistan) is an existential philosopher, poet and translator. He has been educated and brought up in Pakistan and the UK. He holds a BSc and an MSc in Management Science from University of Leicester, UK. By profession, he is a Lecturer, Consultant (management, marketing, communications and business/academic research) and Trainer/Mentor.

Ali possesses a broader world view, which is a result of his experiences gained from having lived in a variety of cultural settings e.g. Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Australasia. The cogs of Ali’s existential machinery are oiled by the muses of arts. He was embraced by the muses of poetry in his infancyat the raw age of 12. The main components of his poetic discourse include: contemplation and satire.

Ali is fond of travelling by train and exploring cities/towns on foot. He enjoys learning different languages. In particular, he appreciates Persian, Greek and Chinese cuisines. At the end of a long day, he prefers to unwind with the classic/psychedelic rock music.