Readers' Appraisals

"Saad has acquired a trenchant wit, a keen observation and a prolific pen to bring to readers some absorbing, exciting and vibrant lines to make poetry a stimulating dose for the readers. He has seen more in life than his age, therefore there is a great panorama and more potency in his expression and narrative. Certainly a voice worth a welcome."

—Farooq Malik (MA in English)

Professor in English Literature, Poet & Author (PAK)

Books: Marital Muddle & Kahoon Coos: Poetical Ruminations

"Saad Ali is erudite and widely knowledgeable. His work has a distinctly metaphysical aura about it. Moreover, his writing is warm and humane, clearly capturing the essence of what it is to be human. His poetry takes the reader by the throat and shakes him/her. His voice is not one that will be ignored."

—Dr. Lloyd Jacobs (MD)

Surgeon, Poet & Author (USA)

Books: The Last Flight Out: New and Selected Poems & 100 Love Poems to God: After Kabir

"Saad Ali's poetry is uniquely and exceptionally diverse. His poems are a rich body of all kinds of emotions, memories, experiences, and ideas. There is philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, and art in his poetic expression—which is sometimes obvious, and other times, it has to be dug out. There is an extremely strong element of intrigue in his writings. It is no wonder that his poetry appeals to people from all walks of life. One of the most interesting aspects of his work is the engagement with the artworks of the Eastern and the Western artists and writing on the paintings of a multitude of the classical, modern, postmodern, and contemporary painters in the form of poems. For me, the elements of wit, humour, satire, and contemplation in his poetry are educational, entertaining, inviting, and extremely humane. His poems are an absolute literary-treat to read. I feel honoured to be a part of his work."

—Amin Rehman (MFA)

Visual Artist (Canada)

"Drawing inspiration from art, places, signs, symbols, seasons, time and the universe, Saad's poems spark an abundance of emotions for the reader. Like opening a time-capsule, I experienced the pain stemming from my nostalgia for the past. I located my own multiple-selves in sorrow. The style is direct while the poet moves effortlessly from metaphor to semiotics. The poet makes no attempt to sacrifice emotions in the name of progression. All you have to do is to immerse yourself in his poetry to experience the nostalgia of 'Departure'. It will take you "Somewhere"--in places under the sun, among the stars, the sea, in a "surrealistic cosmic portrait", in the ecstasy of loneliness, or the void of a crowd. It was 'pain' to me. What would it be to you: joy, anger, betrayal, or something else?"

—Dr. Leonidas Efthymiou (PhD)

Assistant Prof. in Tourism & Author (Cyprus)

"Metamorphoses: Poetic Discourses is not poetry that treats life, nature, or love as 'emotions recollected in tranquillity', 'outpourings of the heart' or 'whispers of the soul' in the usual romantic, metaphysical, or mystical traditions of verse. What we have instead is an intense exploration of philosophical and existential issues encompassing sensations, emotions, thought, imagination, language and communication. Ali's poems illustrate the unique convening power of contemporary Poetry. His Muse is able to summon a whole band of images and inputs from diverse fields of knowledge, ancient and modern, and to employ them as the means for probing and exploring sensations, emotions and concepts that move and mould consciousness today. A notable feature of this work is the interplay of the material and the non-material forces in nature and human life. Irony, wit and epigram permeate his verse. Allusion, allegory, innuendo and wordplay are freely at work. His poetry reflects the turmoil and turbulence of our age on the one hand, and the road to self-enlightenment and transcendence on the other."

—Ejaz Rahim (MA in English)

Sitara-i-Imtiaz for Literature, Poet & Author (PAK)

Books: Garden of Secrets Revisited & I, Confucius and Other Poems

"Saad's poetic discourse is thought-provoking, redolent and compels relatedness to the events and experiences. His employment of the literary devices of metaphor and allusion to reflect upon the contemporary human condition and various aspects of society is simply marvelous. Wit and humour are fast friends in his universe of poetry. His interplay with poetic forms to observe phenomenology and existentialism is a fascinating feature of his verse. He is acknowledging, questioning, accessible, and succinct. ... Those who fail to appreciate the relevance of literary arts and the impact that this tool, poetry, has on people and society holistically ought to read Ali's poetic works."

—Prof. Dr. Cameron A. Batmanghlich (PhD)

Full Professor in Leadership Studies, Poet & Author (Sweden)

Book: Scherzos & Impromptus (Forthcoming)

"Saad's poetry makes you appreciate and value life. The verses communicate with your soul. His usage of metaphor and satire to reflect upon various aspects of human nature and human society is simply beautiful and enticing. And his poetic discourse takes you on a philosophical, psychological and sociological odyssey."

—Nabila Gul (BPharm)

Senior Pharmacist (USA)

"Saad is a master of conveying the most complex of ideas and phenomena, in a way that is simple; yet has you exploring, breaking, building, and questioning your very own perception(s); all at the same time. It is unbelievable how he has granted words to an unfathomable 'Maya' ... as if he is from another universe, which is above and beyond the 'ways' of this world. What we have here is some unconventional poetry that you won't forget."

—Maraam Pasha (BSc in Management)

Visual Artist & Writer (PAK)