One Poem Review

―Ejaz Rahim (MA in English)

Sitara-i-Imtiaz for Literature / Recipient of Daud Kamal Poetry Award (PAK)

Poet / Author of Garden of Secrets Revisited; I, Confucius and Other Poems

On "Morning in Lavapuri" (Ekphrasis)

First published in The Ekphrastic World: An Anthology Celebrating Five Years of The Ekphrastic Review

By Lorette C. Luzajic (ed.) (2020)

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"This is a high quality and highly innovative poem. The poem continues to take further the poetic form that you have arrived at in your poetic journey. That form enables your stream of consciousness to become a creative pen. ... Another hallmark of your poem is the recourse to imagery in the tradition of Ezra Pound. The poem's concatenation of powerful images capture life, livelihood and living all together - the removed sunglasses; the beggar crossing the zebra crossing-less road; youth at the game of cricket; two traffic wardens harassing the two helmet-less bikers; SUV breaking the red lights; the military truck on its centipede-like march; and the funeral procession. Your images are beyond the doctrine contained in the famous poem "Ars Poetica" that a poem must not MEAN, but BE. Your poem carries both aspects!"