Lorette C. Luzajic Translated into Urdu

A REVIEW of Lorette C. Luzajic Translated into Urdu |

By Farooq Malik (MA in English)

Professor in English Literature, Poet, Literary Translator & Author (PAK)

Books: Kahoon Coos: Poetical Ruminations / Marital Muddle


The book came my way via my very dear scholarly student and poetry connoisseur, Saad Ali. ... Reading through this 2023 collection of ekphrases, I found myself being shown a broad landscape of life-that didn't quite catch the eye by its exotica, but rather by its subtle shades adding to the depth and richness of the panorama.


The ekphrases that I was particularly moved by include:

The ekphrastic prose poem, "Flamingos," after Storm Drain by William Wray: the rush of water, the deluge, the flood flow carrying along the land and the settlements underwrites the narration in this poem. The events, too, take on a flood flow. The crisis brings in a helping hand, a gesture of compassion, and a perilous effort to save. Such gestures outlive the floods. The footprints left by the flood continue to stand out as unforgettable monuments to the acts of love and regard.


Luzajic has gleaned a rich yield of ekphrastic wit along with its awesome diversity and astuteness. .. Ali deserves commendation and gratitude for bringing a tasteful dish to Urdu readers by translating this piece of work into Urdu.

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