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Biblio Alpha of Prose Poems is the fourth book of poetry, and the first installment in Ali's trilogy of Prose Poems. On this occasion, the poems are a homage to the most controversial form of the literary art i.e. prose poem. The ekphrases, on this occasion, are inspired by the paintings of an array of classic, modern, postmodern and contemporary artists (European, American, Far Eastern) such as Michelangelo, Munch, Dali, Dix, Chagall, Luzajic, et cetera. The book is also a tribute to the greatest human invention i.e. language itself, and Ali's hallmark apparatuses i.e. contemplation and satire. This florilegium is also an invitation to every human being for an individual and collective reflection on existence and human condition. 

Cover Art (Digital Art) Copyright 2020 by Jafar Ali (Australia)
Cover Design and Book Design by Saad Ali

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Book One of Ekphrases is the third book of poetry by Saad Ali. It’s the first installment in his anthology of ekphrases. On this occasion, the poems are born out of Ali’s interpretations of the artworks (paintings) of various Western (European and American) artists—from past and present. The poems are not merely descriptions or elaborations of the themes, messages, subjects and objects of and in the paintings, but rather his poetic discourse is much more engaging in that it is an embodiment of the stories within stories of human stories—manifesting as the consequence of an interaction between (the minds of) a philosopher-poet and an artist. Also, the main components of Ali’s poetic discourse i.e. contemplation and satire become prominent—embodying reflections on the fundamental questions of why, what, how, when, where, and who vis-à-vis existence and being (in general) and, more specifically, the human condition(s). Here, the instances of the phenomena of love, hate, fear, courage, nostalgia, remorse, redemption, et cetera have been invoked—even at the subjective level.

Cover Drawing (Colour Pencil on Paper) Copyright 2020 by Jaffar Ali (Australia)
Cover Design and Book Design by Saad Ali

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This collection of poems is a testimony
to the quartet of the forces of love, hate, fear and courage
as the begetter and annihilator
of our existence and transformations.
The poems are born as aficionados of the respective quartet.
While reflecting upon why and how this quartet influences our being, the poetic discourses encourage us to embrace life
with all her facets and live as proactive actors
of the dialectical phenomenon that metamorphosis is,
for the manifestation of all - small and big -
is an embodiment of some form of metamorphosis.

Cover Art (Oil on Canvas) by Getty Images
Cover Design and Book Design by Saad Ali

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Ephemeral Echoes is an extension of Saad’s passion for poetry:
a manifestation of his philosophy and intellectualism.
The poems reflect on the schema of existence as a personification of sounds, where essence of existence is flux: flowing sounds.
The poems are an expression of being—a testimony to existence regardless of its conditionalities—and relate to various facets of the human condition i.e. illusion, self, dichotomy, subjectivity, objectivity, singularity, multiplicity, morality, etcetera.
The debut is an invitation to all of us
to embark upon a reflective odyssey.

Cover Art (Oil on Canvas) Copyright 2018 by Sukaina Fatima (Pakistan)
Cover Design and Book Design by Saad Ali

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Dr. Nikolaos Karfakis (PhD) - Associate Prof. in Management Studies (Cyprus)

"This is a very interesting collection of poems. Ali offers very personal and insightful reflections on the human condition and existence through an engagement with issues such as time, the mind, doubt, nature, and death. Ephemeral Echoes is a fine example of a long tradition that could be called 'philosophical poetry'."

Dr. Michael Papaioannou (PhD) - Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management (UK)

"Ephemeral Echoes is a book that lets you descend into the depths of your soul. It pushes your mind into the unknown regions of the ego, good and evil, existence itself and the nature of the Creator and creation. Saad's poetry deals with the greatest philosophical questions of all ages in the most delicate manner. Life, existence, the choices we have, the purpose of humanity and the role of consciousness, the universe and the divine, all questions that do not have set answers, yet Ali manages to not only immerse your mind into these age old concepts, but provides a reader with a personal understanding that touches your heart. His poetry offers a peek beyond the invisible veil that human condition imposes into the light beyond. This is the light that Rumi has experienced and transferred into his writings. I would highly recommend Ali's book not only to all inquisitive minds, as it also extends into philosophical, psychological and spiritual debates and themes with its beauty and excellent writing style."

Nabila Gul - Senior Pharmacist

"Saad's poetry makes you appreciate and value life. The verses communicate with your soul. His usage of metaphor and satire to reflect upon various aspects of human nature and human society is simply beautiful and enticing. And his poetic discourse takes you on a philosophical, psychological and sociological odyssey."